Wolfs Law July 30th

Wolfs Law July 30th

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Wolf's Law

Where has 10 years gone ? 😊 To lots of shows, music & memories. Happy Anniversary Wolf's Law.

We're celebrating with a special Music Club only performance this Sunday, July 30th @ 7pm UK / 2pm East/ 12 noon West and everything beautiful in between....

We'd love you to be there & you can join the club at any time.

That's the other anniversary we're celebrating. 4 years since the launch of our Club. It's been transformative for us as a band. Our creative centre & sanctuary. Thank you to all who have joined & supported it's growth over the years. You can check it out here & get ready for the show :


The ever talented Rhydian has designed a beautiful posters for the store; Wolfs Law 23. It's very limited, so grab one while you can. 

AND we're giving a £15/$20 voucher to our TJF Music Club friends in the store in July. Everyone has been enjoying their voucher, catching up on T shirt designs or digital music. 

AND Thank you for keeping in touch, your messages & positivity. We all appreciate it & look forward to seeing you soon. 2000 Trees was a pleasure.

Cariad mawr,


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