Backstage Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TJF Music Club?

We launched the Music Club in 2018-2019 so that we would have a place to share non album Music & build a community outside of our social media platforms. We love how it's grown & brought us together especially at a time when we couldn't tour. It's become so important to us as a band in these times & we're very grateful to you all for supporting the Music Club. It's evolved into a Backstage that hosts chats, online shows & Matt encores & we're getting ready for a new, special chapter with our 2021 Club. 

 What does my TJF membership include? 

Here's a list of what you can expect, all of these are "included but not limited to" as we want the Backstage to be a really dynamic area where we can share music & video freely.

Please note there are some differences between the annual & monthly plan. 

12 new premium songs 

X 4 online shows ( we’ll be reunited with Matt this year & some of these will be full electric Including The Big Roar Anniversary show)

X4 online band “Teatimes” ( a brew, a catch up & maybe a song with members of TJF)

Access to entire TJF Music Club back catalogue (songs & video)

X 4 digital bootlegs 

50% off special concerts 

Early access to Merch items & selected discounts

Early listening party “Into the Blue” (annual members) 

Name credited on next album release (annual members)

Priority tickets for Pre-show meetups with the band in your hometown* (annual members & selected venues)

What’s the difference between an annual and monthly subscription? 

Annual subscriptions are good for one year from time of purchase and include a few extra benefits. Monthly subscribers are billed on a monthly basis. Both plans  have access to concerts, exclusive music, Merch and Backstage access. Descriptions for both are available above & on the Hwb.

I missed a Club concert...can I re-watch it? 

All Club concerts are available Backstage where you can watch or rewatch anytime. 

My credit card for monthly subscription has expired...will I lose access to content?

Yes. Please make sure your payment information is up to date so you don’t lose Backstage access. You can update your payment information in your account settings under "My Subscriptions". 

 Do I need a password to get Backstage? 

You will need your account password to access content Backstage. This is the password you created when you signed up. 

Why is the pricing different for the music club each month?

The pricing is set at GBP as The Joy Formidable is based in the United Kingdom. The exchange rate from GBP to US dollars fluctuates so there will be a slight variation to the pricing for US club members. 

Can I upgrade my Membership from monthly to annual? 

 Drop us a line, we'll help you info@thejoyformidable.com

I haven’t signed up for a new subscription, can I still access the songs from 2020? 

Yes, the 2020 Backstage area is still accessible. Log into your account to access the older tracks/videos. We'd love you to join us in this new chapter too. 

How do I get the priority tickets for pre-show meet ups? 

We'll be announcing which shows come with an acoustic pre-performance. Certain venues want to sell their own tickets, but if we're offering the VIP tickets, we'll be able to offer a priority link to TJF Club Members. 

How do I cancel my monthly or annual subscription? 

You can cancel your subscription in your account settings under "My Subscriptions". We're sad that you're leaving us but hopefully we'll see you again. 

I signed up for an annual subscription, how do I receive my LTD edition vinyl? 

If you were one of the lucky 500 who signed up to the annual plan, we'll be sending you a note in the next few days. Please be patient with the vinyl delivery date. We won't have them to hand until the plant sends our new record (we pressed them at the same time), so hopefully early August. 

I can’t access my account who do I contact?

We can help : info@thejoyformidable.com

TJF Tech support !

I’m not getting TJF mail, help me! 

We can help : info@thejoyformidable.com

TJF Tech support !

You won't play Lady in Red, who do I contact? 

We can't help : noone@leaveusalone.com