TJF Music Club in July

TJF Music Club in July

Ritzy Ritzy
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We promised we had some special Music Club news coming up this summer. ❤️

The video is a bit rambly 😂 After all these years, I still get shy speaking to camera. 

So to summarize 🙏

The next TJF Music Club show is July 30th & it's a celebration of Wolf's Law. 

Rhydian has designed a series of very limited art prints.

All TJF Music Club members in July will get $20 to spend in the shop. 

What I forgot :

We had some TJF Music requests - they are headed Backstage 

We'll be at the Eisteddfod this year ❤️ 

Probably forgot some other things too, but they can wait. 

Check your emails this week & can't wait to show you Rhydian's beautiful design ❤️

Cariad mawr X

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