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Maybe the time away has made me cherish the moments we are together even more. This last weekend has been beautiful on so many levels. Thank you to everyone who shared time & memories with us @GardenAmp & Schellraiser festival. Beautiful energy, kindness & some great friendships made. All the pieces that makes touring special. 

Thank you to both venues for looking after your bands & for making us welcome. It makes a difference. We cherish the venues that care about the bands passing through their doors. 

I come away with so many musical memories; Frankie & the Witch Fingers, The Paranoyds, Tropica Magica, Jonny 2 Bags, Murder by Death, Blackwater Holylight, Wipers, GBH. Feel creatively fired & excited for the next shows. 

.....And just when we thought the weekend couldn't get any better, we got to finish it off with our friends The Twilight Sad & The Cure. What a show. My heart is full of music. Thank you to everyone who made this weekend bright & colourful ❤️


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