The Greatest light is the greatest shade original lyrics

The Greatest light is the greatest shade original lyrics

Ritzy Ritzy
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The Greatest Light is the Greatest Shade 

I want to start by sincerely thanking you all for supporting our charity fundraiser this month. We really appreciate it. Turquoise Paw are such a dedicated animal charity & we would love to help them buy that Transport Van. Thank you for buying tickets & T shirts, donating & bidding in our charity auction. 

I have hung on to the original lyrics for The Greatest Light is the Greatest Shade for over a decade now. They make me smile, thinking of those days juggling a couple of jobs and longing to leave work to head to the studio or rehearsal. When those stanzas were penned, little daydreams on an afternoon in Blackfriars, I was comically and incompetently! working for Computer Support in a small office where the phone barely rang. Lots of doodling & poem writing & then jolting back to earth when the phone finally rang (hence the customer notes on the page !)

I probably told them to press CTRL-ALT-DELETE haha!

Rhyds worked across the street & we travelled home to Tulse Hill & finished Greatest light that evening.

It's still one of my special songs & I'm hoping these lyrics find a special home with someone X

If we don't catch up before the New Year, I hope everyone stays well & happy. We love you all & will be waiting to catch up in 2022. 

A calm day will come X 

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