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I lost my Nain last week after a long battle with Alzheimer's. Nain is the Welsh world for Nana/Grandma/Grammy. We used to joke that I could call her anything but Granny, she said it made her feel old, so that was kept playfully for jest. My Grandparents were beautiful, loving companions throughout my life & I feel very lucky to have so many memories of our time together.

It's been strange since she passed, I feel like myself & other family members have been visited by pigeons or had more pigeon encounters than ever before, especially on the day she died. On that very day we found a pigeon trapped upside in a bush, saw a lady carrying a pigeon through a forest, my best friend buried a pigeon at the animal sanctuary & Jackson Animal Rescue had 3 pigeon intakes that day.  

As a spirit animal, pigeons have become a representation of many good things. Their most common interpretation links them to peace, love, piety, beatitude and harmony. Pigeons have always been believed to bring good fortune. They are also believed to be messengers of tranquility and peace. 

The last line is strangely resonant. Alzheimer's robs memories & for Nain came with a sad, slow decline, I was ready for her to have some peace. Life is so intricate and poetic, there's so much that we don't understand, the twists and weaves that connect us all. Safe to say, I've been with my thoughts this week & welcoming the feeling of Spring.

As for pigeons, they really are remarkable little birds. Here's some cool reading - I had no idea about pigeon milk. Clever little crops. They also have amazing hearing, we'll touch on that in our new Podcast, coming any day now.


Have a happy week, be kind to pigeons and all kind

Looking forward to catching up soon

Ritzy X


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