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It's funny how certain symbols come to you during the making of a single, album, record. I'm fascinated by this. The unconscious. What it tells us. And oddly enough I'm currently enjoying reading books by Jung, who discussed much of this of course. Synchronicities! 

Although it wasn't particularly thought out consciously I think the INTO THE BLUE emblem is a moth. A quick search of its symbolism brings.

The moth symbolizes determination, attraction, psychic abilities, and faith. Although moths are nocturnal, they are driven toward light for some unknown reason. Even when its efforts toward light prove dangerous and futile, the moth continues to drive forward, demonstrating its faith and determination. 

 I like that, so we'll go with it! I know it has been a trying period for so many but we CAN grow from this. We must. And the choice of response is ALWAYS a power YOU have. That's not to demean or not recognize any difficulties and certainly not to be blindly positive. But it is to face, process and move forward. It is the only healthy way. 

INTO THE BLUE talks of this on a personal level and you have also helped this process for us. I hope we can offer you the same with these upcoming songs. 

Diolch. Rhydian x

Into the Blue T shirt

Into the Blue T shirt


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You see me

For what I am

I don’t have to guess anymore

That slow doubt

that won’t speak up

Gets just enough then withdraws

Because things go bad

but it’s real and there

Better than slowly emptying me

Into the blue

Into the blue Once again

When I watch you

From across the way

Everything’s still until I hold you again

Just that moment of being attached

Let it split you in two

Cos I’ll be here

Inside outside

Grateful that we at least felt something

We went

Into the Blue

Into the Blue

Cos now I see this place was here all along

The more it changed shape

You pull it close

Please pull me closer

Don’t fear the move out of the past

Let time take your hand and guide you

It’s time to move

Into the Blue once again

I know it’s rare

when you tremble again

Remember what others have lost

Go back to the place that we won’t go again

Did I make the most of it before

I go back to the place that we won’t go again

To live it over and over

Into the Blue

Into the Blue once again

Don’t fear the move out of the past

Let time take your hand and guide you

Into the Blue

Into the Blue

Into the outside without you.

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