Love & updates

Love & updates

Ritzy Ritzy
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Love & updates

Hi friends,

How you all keeping? I've been doing better. Again, thank you for all your kindness. I hope you're all well & peaceful. I've been enjoying the onset of Spring in North & Mid Wales. The sun is shining warm & bright today as we pack down The Red Brick to take the 🥁🎸🎤🎸 south, to just outside of Port Talbot for In it Together festival. Lots of great bands on the bill & maybe we'll see some of you there. 

On Sunday, May 28th we'll be airing a new TJF Music Club show @7pm UK, (2pm East, 11am West). We'd love you to tune in to the usual spot Remember you can join the Music Club at any time, for a month or a whole year. It's constantly evolving & we have busy summer of events planned ❤️ Ok, plug over...😂

Bit of plane hopping after that, to Garden Grove, California to hang out with The Paranoyds on June 1st for a headline show @GardenAmp & then onto Schellraiser in McGill, Nevada. I'm thinking I might try and hike Wheeler Peak whilst I'm there & if time allows. Anyone been to Great Basin National Park? 

Last week was creative & restorative in Ceredigion. We were recording some new tracks for a summer release & finalizing plans/ideas for our UK tour in September. I'm really excited by the artists we have joining us. I'm excited by the orchestral collaboration we have coming up. It's nice to feel excited & creative again. We took a picture outside the Red Brick yesterday, the garden is wild & buzzing with life & I thought, wow, I've been making music with these two for 12 years. We have shared so many experiences together, some happy, some not, and  I'm so grateful that we are laughing on this bench drinking tea together. So here's to mindfulness, love & music. 

Hope we get to see some of you over the coming weeks & either way, stay well & happy & listening. 



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