Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

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Diffuse thinking "When our minds are free to wander, we shift into a diffuse mode of thinking. This is sometimes referred to as our natural mode of thinking, or the daydream mode; it's when we form connections and subconsciously mull over problems."

This is what happens to me every time I get in the bathtub. Lots of daydreaming & lyric writing, that I'm often soapily wandering around trying to find a notepad and pen. (Keep one near the bath FFS!)

It felt right that a tub should be in the video for Into the Blue, since it's a track about leaning into the unknown, letting yourself be free in your mind and heart. 

Here's some photos from behind the scenes. We shot the video the day after Thanksgiving 2020, after an epic nutloaf (Thanks Paul for the recipe X)

Mr Hiatt had driven over from Chicago earlier in the week, to help us get ready & test shoot. Our friend, Mr Owens had the perfect clawfoot tub for the occasion. 7 watery hours later & very pruney feet , the scenes were shot.

Water is fascinating. One of my favourite pieces of footage from the day was the pattern of the light hitting the water. The  experiment of putting music through water & the different patterns that they produce. Everything in life is Vibration - I think Mr Einstein said that. Sound is a vibration and so are your thoughts.

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