Tempo (Strong-Weak-Weak)

We've never shared the lyrics to Tempo (Strong-Weak-Weak) before. So here they are. Taken from our Cholla EP. 

First one to email info@thejoyformidable.com with their sweet spot tempo for dancing (Matt's is 220) wins a copy of the handwritten lyrics X

Listen to Tempo

I forget even with these
Around, the only witness to another broken night
And when the only day high, to have it all comes from a stranger's warmth
Why didn't you warn me

Quick get out of this
You left me at the door of a beaten path
Slipping on time that's paused
hit me when you're low
You're sick inside, the army in the sky won't service your calls
Heard you're a cheat, don't let the envy wash your face anymore

Send up the cardinals high
around, your house that's lost a stem but then the flower dies
Because I believe you wanted more, but working needs and working stalls
And I believe you'll rest in me
don't offer me a place to be once more

Tempo. You left without a tempo.
These things I ask myself, here one day and gone the next
These things are cushioned by tales, I wish I knew that I'd see you again.