You Taught Me

We've never shared the lyrics to You Taught Me before. So here they are. First one to email with the best thing you've learnt in 2020 wins a copy of the handwritten lyrics X 



You Taught Me 

Drive down to the end of the street

Just one look to see if you're in, 

Oh I could stop a while cos I've no place to go 

And being here is a claim to being close

No plans got us here, but I'll see it through

Go back to her, it's simpler, but you taught me

We left the fire on and went out in the rain

Took our eyes off each other, the streets were a mess

A parade that had ended but wanted a show and the pin money started 

we were already broke

How did I

How did I know (my baby woke)

said everything has balance but I'm a heavy soul

Why do I do the things I do?

You won't make me cry

Every year makes me grow another side 

I'm asking now, will there ever be 

that understanding that finally the search is over 

look into the distance instead of over your shoulder.

You taught me, you taught me

Oh baby you did

I remember every word you said

Another time, another day 

you taught me and left me this way

Why do I do the things I do.