I feel like I'm emerging from a short hibernation. 

It's hard explaining how your body and mind feel after a tour. It's certainly intense; a combination of disappointment that something beautiful & exhilarating has ended and the predictable physical crumpling as your body lets go of all that adrenaline & energy that's been seeing you through. 

I loved seeing you all and reconnecting. Getting to enjoy the live personality of TJF again. Isn't music special? It's a switch for so many feelings. In those darker moments it can make you see the world in colour again. It's healing & challenging, all the little patterns in music mirroring the ups and downs in our day to day lives. 

When touring stops, the reality of day to day & what's coming next can often feel more vivid, somewhat directionless after what's been such a regimented, clear couple of months. I'm currently in between enjoying the freedom of not having utter clarity in life & confronting some of the doubts & fears that come with being in flux. I'm grateful; I have some amazing shows to look forward to & lots I want to write about. But I've been working on those little confidence muscles this week, because sometimes I'm not kind to myself. If you're feeling a bit lost or over analytical, maybe they'll help you too. I'm just going to list them, because they don't need explaining & meant only as another perspective in the long list of how to enjoy more & think less. 

I've been growing my affection for Wim Hof. Taking his lead on giggling at the world, laughing more, breathing better & screeching "Flow Flow Flow" in icy cold showers. This made me laugh. https://fb.watch/he5H_bSlsC/

I've been outdoors a lot. On the trails & in the mountains. This is cool. https://uphillathlete.com/

Lots of free writing. No agenda, just words. This was cool https://www.blinkist.com/en/books/accidental-genius-en

I started fostering again. He's beautiful & looking for a new home. https://bestfriends.org/adopt/adopt-our-sanctuary/18604211/boogie

Would love to hear your ideas on things that inspire you & bring you happiness. Reach out anytime. aaaruthrol@gmail.com

I have some announcements whilst I'm here. 

We are busy MC bees at the moment. We have a lot coming up for the Music Club in December & early 2023. Look out for announcements next week & please put February 10th in your diaries. That's the next online show - MC umbrellas at the ready. 

 Thank you again for a great tour. We all send our love. Stay healthy, happy and warm out there (unless you're ice-bathing) 

Going to give Boogie some biscuits......

Ritzy ❤️