Wolf's Law 10 year anniversary

Ritzy Ritzy
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We were taking a break from computers & socials when the official anniversary of Wolf's Law landed, now 2 weeks later & we want to wish our second album a happy 10 year & 16 day birthday ❤️

Recorded between Sebago Lake, Maine & home in North Wales during the winter of 2012 I have lots of hibernal memories, the cabin quiet and soundproofed by snow. A visiting opossum that we fed every day, the clearest of starry nights and big wintry moons. Thinking about forgiving & healing. I lost my Taid whilst we were in Maine & his passing inspired the late writing of The Turnaround. We went through a break up, (as predicted in Tendons) and we got to honour Wangari Maatthai in The Leopard & the Lung.

Behind the scenes, it felt more complicated than it had done before & we parted company with an old friend. We met Greg Jardin for the first time, I chatted on email with Jonathan Franzen,  I got to make a video in NYC & I developed a brief love affair with baseball caps. 

10 years ago also spawned one of my favourite TJF song's A Minute's Silence for Record Store Day.

Lots of memories & Wolf's Law holding them together.


All along the ridge there's a breeze, hold it to my cheek and help me remember this
A minute's silence it seeps
Into everything
Forgive me
Until it's me
Forgetting will save you
Forgetting and forgive me

How long have these lights shone
The outside never seeing what's underneath
It's an upset mind, painting everything

Forgive me
Until it's me
Forgetting will save you
I could belong
I'm ready for now to turn on
Forgetting will save you
Forgetting will save me

Soften my big callous heart
Soften my storytelling eyes
I still have time
These scraps aren't mine

I stopped counting
But we kept adding
All along the clouded way
Sitting on a one way train
Until we hit reverse

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