ACTION - please help. Visa costs

ACTION - please help. Visa costs

Ritzy Ritzy
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Visa help request❤️

We have until March 6th to oppose a proposed 250% visa cost increase for overseas artists coming to play in the USA. This would affect all P+O work visas. 

I can't stress enough how damaging this proposed increase would be for bands & artists including TJF. 

The BASIC cost for applying for a visa is currently $460 per person. This under the new proposal would jump to $1615 per person. This is the bottom line cost, the reality is that it costs much more in legal fees, expediting & travel costs. 

We think it's outrageous to propose this sort of increase in costs, especially after the struggle of Covid & how the landscape of touring has changed since the pandemic. The US tour we did in November 2022, it was beautiful & creative & seeing you all again was so precious to us. The financial reality was that it was much harder than previous years & I know (I did the books $ on the last tour). Artist guarantees have gone down (That's the amount you are guaranteed to get paid for a show) & ALL the costs associated with touring have gone up. 

I am extremely grateful to be a musician & for the career we've had. This isn't a moan or a sob story. We are dealing & adapting to the changes & protesting the ones that are unreasonable - like this one. We want to be agents of change, along with all the amazing musicians & groups that are advocating positive change for the industry. 

Please help us raise awareness by sharing this information to anyone who cares about live music & bands visiting from overseas. 

There's 2 sites that you can visit : This is the form if you're in the Music Industry & will be directly affected by the potential changes afoot

And this is the public comment page where you can make your opinion known. Go to the green bit at the top that says "SUBMIT A FORMAL COMMENT".

Please try and do this before March 6th. This could be career changing for a lot of artists. If anyone has any questions, hit us up at

Thank you for reading & lending your support.

Lots of love R&R&M 

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