TJF Music Club #3 Valentines Day

TJF Music Club #3 Valentines Day

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Thank you to everyone who joined us for our 3rd TJF Music Club concert. If you missed it, it’s living Backstage & you can watch / rewatch any time.

I think it was my favourite Matt Thomas encore so far. Clever little crow 😉

We loved all your suggestions, glad we could incorporate some of them : Don’t Let Me Know, Dreaming of you, Ever Fallen in Love, Jolene ☺️ amongst them. 

We miss seeing you all on the road but the flip side to that has been the club & the online shows. They are different, not comparable but I’m so glad we’re still managing to connect. They’ve been a beautiful distraction for a band that has touring as their life’s blood. Thank you for sharing these new memories & we’re looking forward to the next one ❤️

See you all soon RB X

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