The Story of Miwsig

The Story of Miwsig

Rhydian Rhydian
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Enjoying this 6 part podcast about the history of Welsh language pop music and wanted to share it here. It's called the Story of Miwsig. 

We love the Welsh language side of TJF, from the Aruthrol series to the translated works we've done. We're looking forward to sharing some more this year. Episode 6 talks about Chwyrlio. 

The Story of Miwsig Huw Stephens and Sian Eleri time travel through the history of Welsh language pop music. Available exclusively on BBC Sounds, the six-part series traces Welsh language music's journey from the chapels to the charts, featuring interviews with the instigators at the heart of the story and new artists making noise in their native language. Digging deep into decades from the 1960s onwards, it’s a story of rock and revolution, protest, prison and punk rock. It's a story of how the underground emerged and gave voices from the margins the microphone. From the eisteddfodau to the Cool Cymru years, guests including Rhys Ifans, Dafydd Iwan, Gwenno, Euros Childs, Heather Jones, Gruff Rhys, Pat Morgan, Caryl Parry Jones and Eadyth tell the unheard tales of how one of Europe’s oldest tongues took on the establishment and became a platform for some of today’s best new music.

Since we're celebrating Welsh language music, thought we'd share a track we released in 2017. It was the 2nd release in our collaborative vinyl series that we call Aruthrol. Now sold out, it featured artwork by the very talented Gustavius Payne who's originally from Merthyr Tydfil. You can check out his other work at

Here's Tynnu Sylw XXX

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