Thank you for show #6

Thank you for show #6

Ritzy Ritzy
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Big thanks to everyone who joined us for TJF Music Club Show #6 yesterday. We really loved the tracklisting on this one & Matt's Space themed encore. You make our hearts very full. 

Here's the set from yesterday

Open Letter

Caught on a Breeze

Back to Nothing 

Wolf's Law

Across the Universe (The Beatles)

Space Travel Auf Deutsch

Angelfuck (Misfits)

You can't give me (what you're feeling)

Speed of light (Teenage Fanclub)

Atlas (Battles)

And a little clip from Wolf's Law

If you're new to the Club, you can now sign up for a Monthly or Annual Subscription & catch up on everything that we've been creating. There's still Detour vinyl left for new Annual members too (see other post) 😍

See you all soon X Ritzy

TJF Music Club - Monthly Plan

TJF Music Club - Monthly Plan


Thank you for checking out our monthly TJF Music Club. By joining the club you will get Backstage access to lots of exclusive music, online shows and livestreams with your support going directly to the artist.   Here's some of the offerings that you can expect from… Read More

Tell me the way you've been (so long)
I want to go along and pretend that it's dawn
That's the start not the close
I'm your friend not your post
We're under Wolf's Law
Another new scene that flies
Another empty picture for this collage of mine
Want to pull it back
And pretend that it's dark
That we made it here unharmed
I'm your friend not your guard
And we're under Wolf's Law
I'll take the gambling way
Let's send it spiraling
Just to visit that box
Don't wait, let's go, go, go
Don't wait, let's go, go, go
"We launched the Music Club in 2018-2019 so that we would have a place to share non album Music & build a community outside of our social media platforms. We love how it's grown & brought us together especially at a time when we couldn't tour. It's become so important to us as a band in these times & we're very grateful to you all for supporting the Music Club. It's evolved into a Backstage that hosts chats, online shows & Matt encores & we're getting ready for a new, special chapter with our 2021 Club. "

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