Somewhere New lyric video

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Somewhere New

Hi friends,

Mr T made a lyric video for Mr D's sublime track Somewhere New. 

You can watch it here & pre-save the link for Into the Blue deluxe via the link

Such a beautiful track, will have to badger him to play it on these upcoming dates ❤️

Are we spinning the spiral

the skelter’s a shelter

let it be your friend

I slept as your silhouette wept stars

Is there a road if there is no end

Somewhere new

If in my life I don’t find you

Make me step out in the rain

The bee is busy but I can’t be

And now it’s clear I can’t escape me

I’ll take the gift of tomorrow’s tears

the only forever is now

Somewhere new

If in my life I can’t find you

let me dance in the storm again.

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