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Ritzy blog

Hi friends/ Helo gyfeillion 

Hope you're all keeping well & happy out there. How's everyone doing? 

Are you feeling (like me) a little out of synch, trying to make sense of what comes next. Like every chapter, a little tumult can bring new growth & thoughtfulness. I tell my brain keep on doing that inner work so that happiness is always within reach. 

I loathe worrying about money, it's never been a big value to me. Just enough to get by & more focus on making music & seeing something new every day. This news article resonated with me this week, the timing was symbolic; I'd spent a chunk of Easter weekend mulling over tour offers & tour accounts. My brain was full of "this is fucked" thoughts , not wholly negative, just doing what it normally does...asking how can we get round this, what can be adapted, how to be creative outside of being creative. I am more than aware that choosing to tour is a beautiful choice to begin with, no where near as pressing as can I keep warm, or eat this week, but it's our path -what we've built over the past decade. I guess more than anything I wanted to reach out, there's been a commonality of experience this week of meeting people who seem/feel sad or miserable or worried. We're a community here & I want us to meet again this year, so we've resolved to make it work. We'll tour longer & thoughtfully & enjoy every second of seeing you again. I need it & Into the Blue deserves it. They'll be lots of news & dates about that soon & we're sorry for the delay. We hope the context of how things are / have been will explain the delay & the reservations.


It costs nothing to enjoy the Welsh countryside & that's where I've been hiding out this week. Feel lucky every day to be surrounded by the sea & sunshine of North Wales. Highlights this week were Llyn Elsi (great article here https://www.britishwildlife.com/article/volume-33-number-4-page-245-252) and a neolithic tour of Anglesey. Bloody Hell Bryn Celli Du, really amazing. 

I've been side-gigging for North Wales Wildlife Trust & Rhydian has been kind enough to donate one of his images to the cause. I am in ❤️ with his artwork always. Diolch Riddi & big thanks to NWWT for all the work they do. 


I hope you're all okay, we're here if you need us & see you all in less than 1 month for The Big Roar celebration. To be back in a room with R&M is the biggest joy.

Ritzy X 

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