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Noswaith Da everyone. Wanted to reach out and see how you're all doing. 

I've felt a little quiet and contemplative this week, wanted to spend some time alone, play guitar, stare at the mountains, those kind of days. I'm a lot kinder to myself in those moments , more attentive to how I'm feeling, less judgemental than I used to be. I've been pushing through with books & music , I found some great meditations by Kenneth Soares  https://insighttimer.com/kennethsoares and I've been inspired & moved by the Tina Turner documentary on HBO. What an incredible artist.

In all of this attempt at mood lifting , I was playing around with some tracks, thinking about The Big Roar concert that we're putting together for later this Autumn & revisiting The Everchanging Spectrum of a Lie, a song that is  very much about mental health. Some of the lyrics in Spectrum explore the line between sanity and insanity; can hopelessness creep up without you even realizing. Are we all closer to the edge of madness than we like to think. When I was writing those thoughts in 2010 I was adjusting to a very different way of feeling, I'd never been severely depressed before, I was angry & embarrassed at this new affliction.

This week, I've been glad to revisit those songs and the memories they bring because they confirm the shift in my perspective. I have better tools to zoom out now, slow down, be kind to myself in those moments where your mind is playing tricks about your strength & worth. The Big Roar and Into the Blue are so similar, kindred in certain ways & polar in others. It's funny to me that we'll be celebrating them at the same time, a 10 year anniversary for one & a new release for the other. I thank them both for the understanding they've given me & for letting me communicate my feelings. 

I wanted to connect, offer love and openness to you all, kind of explain why I've been a little quite & remind myself that it's okay to take a moment. Reach out at any time if you want to share, you know where we are aaaruthrol@gmail.com

Lots of love & see you soon X 

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