MC, foster & fresh from hibernation

MC, foster & fresh from hibernation

Ritzy Ritzy
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MC, Foster and .....

I feel like I'm emerging from a short hibernation. 

It's hard explaining how your body and mind feel after a tour. It's certainly intense; a combination of disappointment that something beautiful & exhilarating has ended and the predictable physical crumpling as your body lets go of all that adrenaline & energy that's been seeing you through. 

I loved seeing you all and reconnecting. Getting to enjoy the live personality of TJF again. Isn't music special? It's a switch for so many feelings. In those darker moments it can make you see the world in colour again. It's healing & challenging, all the little patterns in music mirroring the ups and downs in our day to day lives. 

When touring stops, the reality of day to day & what's coming next can often feel more vivid, somewhat directionless after what's been such a regimented, clear couple of months. I'm currently in between enjoying the freedom of not having utter clarity in life & confronting some of the doubts & fears that come with being in flux. I'm grateful; I have some amazing shows to look forward to & lots I want to write about. But I've been working on those little confidence muscles this week, because sometimes I'm not kind to myself. If you're feeling a bit lost or over analytical, maybe they'll help you too. I'm just going to list them, because they don't need explaining & meant only as another perspective in the long list of how to enjoy more & think less. 

I've been growing my affection for Wim Hof. Taking his lead on giggling at the world, laughing more, breathing better & screeching "Flow Flow Flow" in icy cold showers. This made me laugh.

I've been outdoors a lot. On the trails & in the mountains. This is cool.

Lots of free writing. No agenda, just words. This was cool

I started fostering again. He's beautiful & looking for a new home.

Would love to hear your ideas on things that inspire you & bring you happiness. Reach out anytime. 

I have some announcements whilst I'm here. 

We are busy MC bees at the moment. We have a lot coming up for the Music Club in December & early 2023. Look out for announcements next week & please put February 10th in your diaries. That's the next online show - MC umbrellas at the ready. 

Never too late to join & one of the best ways to support TJF

TJF Music Club - Monthly Plan

TJF Music Club - Monthly Plan


Thank you for checking out our monthly TJF Music Club. By joining the club you will get Backstage access to lots of exclusive music, online shows and livestreams with your support going directly to the artist.   Here's some of the offerings that you can expect from… Read More

Thank you again for a great tour. We all send our love. Stay healthy, happy and warm out there (unless you're ice-bathing) 

Going to give Boogie some biscuits......

Ritzy ❤️

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