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New to Backstage 

Today sees the release of brand new TJF Music Club Song 'Call it life' 

"knowing when it is time to let go and make changes, as challenging as that might seem" Ritzy 

Call it life is available to stream and download Backstage now

As with all of the TJF Music Club releases, this song is available Backstage only, so be sure to join up & take part in this wonderful community. It really is the best way to support artists going forward & your support thus far has been beautiful. Thank you/diolch.

Today is new 
The wonder is ours 
I don’t believe in always looking back
To make us ready 

Put down the phone 
Nothing was missed
I heard in between the lines of your messages
It’s late, I don’t need to explain 

So I’m driving home
Every mile
Every mile a string unties

Got to slow down
Find my honest soul
You helped me see that I’m not my thoughts
To let myself in

So on the road
Where nothing will be missed
How much longer would 
you have made us feel like this 
The last thought to pass

So I’m driving home
Every mile
Every mile a string unties
To call it life

I won’t stop
Let the morning light come
The sky and the land
are pairing from above

The mist rolls in
Reflections on the lake
My heart it swims
after being washed away

Look at me
Blink and it all comes back
Never the same

I won’t stop
Let the miles and miles grow
The sky and the land
are telling me to go in

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