From West to East, North to South - we want to thank everyone who came to a recent U.S. show for making this a really memorable tour. 

The changes we've been through and the 12 months plus we took to make Hitch, I think it  crossed our minds that we might not tour again. We are so glad that we turned things around. The music, each other and your support drives us onwards and we are very lucky to be here doing what we're doing.

This is verging on the sentimental for us, but here at the airport today, travelling on- I can't help but feel reflective. 

Big love to...

It's Hitch day! 
So proud of this record and glad to be sharing it with you all.
Thank you for supporting us , buying our music, buying tickets & all the lovely messages we get on a daily basis. 
If you want a copy of Hitch, our friends in the UK and Europe can now order from here and we're still offering Passerby as an additional track when you purchase the record. 
The U.S. shop is here.
Hello from Brazil!
The three of us send our love from South America where we've been traveling for the past 10 days. It's our first visit to many of these countries and we've been soaking it all in, met some great people , played some amazing shows. 
Touring in all its usual chaos only gives you a brief glimpse of what a place is like, but this first impression of Peru, Colombia & Brazil will be lasting. I keep thinking of what the very sage Samuel Johnson said about travelling and the way it changes your perception of a place

The Last Thing on My Mind was written and recorded in the summer of 2014 at our North Walian studio the Red Brick, just outside of Mold in Clwyd. It has the feel and sentiment of a lot of the tracks from our new album, it talks about feeling alive, being free and this track in particular touches upon sexual liberation; specifically about a woman's carnal imagination. 

We're big on making our own music videos, so last month we started collecting footage & finishing the treatment to this song.

The video follows a voyeuristic heterosexual...

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