Today it's World Art Drop Day #artdropday -drop art not bombs, where artists can drop a piece of art and tell someone where to find it. We have one physical copy heading out into the wilds where someone mind find it (more details on that soon!), but for those of you living far away, we thought we'd share this online piece too. 


To all of you who pre-ordered our vinyl, we can't thank you enough for your patience. 
As a show of our appreciation, we will be giving away something exclusive to all vinyl customers. Details to follow, but we can't wait to share it with you"
Hi there, I'm Bryce.  I'll be at the Merch table before/during/after the show hooking you up  w/ all the best TJF gear, while likely trying to talk to you about any/all of the following.
Favorite movies: Transformers (the 1985 animated one, not that Michael Bay trash), Jurassic Park, the first two Alien films, a bunch of the Studio Ghibli classics, also the directors cut of Blade Runner is incredible, but I can't handle the VO on the original (I read somewhere Harrison Ford agrees w/ me).
TV: Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Sopranos, Twin...
We wanted to give you a quick update on the status of your Hitch vinyl order .
Thank you so much for your patience; we've been at the mercy of several factors in getting this done quickly, but we're pleased to say that we should have a delivery date for you soon. The band have been working on a new EP and they would like all their vinyl customers to be sent a copy for free as a thank you for your custom & support. More news on that asap.Have a lovely weekend and more to follow 
Thank you Team TJF

What are you up to right now?: Eating pasta. Obvs.What's your favourite place on Earth?: That's a hard question because I love so many places on our huge beautiful planet: all for different reasons. Best dream you ever had: I was running really fast across some sun-filled grassy, hilly fields, & the bigger my strides got, the longer I stayed in the air until I was actually flying. Not far off the ground or anything, but definitely flying. I was wearing a blue hat & Hugh Jackman was there.Favourite book: The Duncton Wood series by William Horwood.Song that makes you want to cry: ...

Here's a short video we made to Passerby - our bonus track when you buy the album from this site x 



What was it that you once said to me

Just leave it on the writing wall

Get ready they're all about leave 

You'll see it on the writing wall 


I got myself up on the ridge 

So I could say "Don't go over" 

I think it's time I tried to live 

Without you as a cover 


Are you brave like you were 

Brave like you were before


From West to East, North to South - we want to thank everyone who came to a recent U.S. show for making this a really memorable tour. 

The changes we've been through and the 12 months plus we took to make Hitch, I think it  crossed our minds that we might not tour again. We are so glad that we turned things around. The music, each other and your support drives us onwards and we are very lucky to be here doing what we're doing.

This is verging on the sentimental for us, but here at the airport today, travelling on- I can't help but feel reflective. 

Big love to...

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