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Wolf's Law

About this Album

  • Wolf's Law

    • Tracklisting:
    1. This Ladder Is Ours

    2. Cholla

    3. Tendons

    4. Little Blimp

    5. Bats

    6. Silent Treatment

    7. Maw Maw Song

    8. Forest Serenade

    9. The Leopard And The Lung

    10. The Hurdle

    11. The Turnaround

    Release Date: 2013
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Release date: 
January 22, 2013
Total Tracks: 


JASE's picture

Introduced to me by INDIE 88.1 Toronto.
I listened to Whirring and found myself here.
Thank you.

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witkin's picture

Just incredible. Lyrics would be nice but not necessary. Thanks to Wolf's Law, I opened up my mind to The Big Roar, but Wolf's Law is clearly their masterpiece. Not a note out of place. The sequence is impeccable: during my first listen, I thought "Silent Treatment" and "Maw Maw Song" were parts of a single piece, and they're completely different tunes. Already have my ticket for the 930 Club. Can't wait!

FranklinKryosh's picture

Lyrics please!!!!!! This album is fantastical.

Bubbabob's picture

No lyrics yet. Too bad!

zerobajan's picture

Ridiculously good.

cleck's picture

Un peu déçu par le nouvel album mais cela reste bon.
Il se veut plus ambitieux mais l'est en fait moins qu'une chanson aussi incroyable que "the greatest light". La fougue d'un "Austere" s'est perdue du fait des piano et cordes.
Vraiment hâte de revoir le groupe le 12 février néanmoins. Je demeure un fan.

JulianHirsch's picture

This is a great album. Really solid throughout without any fillers. Have to say I don't like it as much as the Big Roar but this is definitely a growing sound for the band with unlimited potential.