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The Big Roar

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March 15, 2011
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Vulture's picture

I love those fantastic sounds and live it's even better...

mik939's picture

Every song on "The Big Roar" leads the number of plays on my playlist, except for The Who's "Baba O'Riley." Cholla may surpass it, along with (insert song name here) on Wolf's Law. Just an amazing sound, artistry, and chemistry I haven't heard the likes of in a long time.

Jurkevich's picture

Great show in Kansas City last night at buzz stole Xmas and I thought you could not out do the show in KC in June! Come back soon!

Miss B's picture

I really hope they come to Germany!!!!!

Snapcase's picture

Just got London tickets.CANNOT WAIT!!

ferdinandvarsal's picture

Hey Guys I love your music, can't wait for Wolf's law...Congratulations!!!!
We'll see you soon at CoronaCapital Mexico 13 & 14 Oct...Big News!!!

pepo_hendrix's picture

Hey TJF!! Excellent work with The Big Roar, i love it... i´m waiting for the next album ;) . Please come to Chile !!!

janaina's picture

Adorei todas as musicas....

ch3rubrock's picture

love it.....simples

megan20's picture

love da band sounds kinda like tegan and sara but with a great band